GNOME Disks Development News

The most visible change for GNOME Disks in 3.28 was the new format dialog. Unfortunately the redesign of the partition view has not been tackled in the last development cycle.

A contribution from Andrea Azzarone improves the experience with snap applications because GNOME Disks will now hide all images mounted with the x-gdu.hide option, e.g. sudo mount special.img /mnt/test/ -o loop,x-gdu.hide

Also several bugs are fixed in 3.28.3, so I recommend distributions to update. A Flatpak release is not yet available and due to some minor issues regarding the integration with the host system I don’t know yet if this really makes much sense.

For 3.30 there is support for opening VeraCrypt images, which was contributed by segfault and the Tails project. This needs a UDisks version which is not yet available and requires the creation of the file /etc/udisks2/tcrypt.conf if not shipped by the distribution.

Finally, the gnome-disk-utility repository has been moved to GNOME’s GitLab. The repository also contains the code for gnome-disk-image-mounter and the gsd-disk-utility-notify service for S.M.A.R.T. events. I hope this will attract some more people to work on GNOME Disks as I am currently not able to do much for it.